• Current Projects
    Moving a large HO scale railroad.
    Were on location in Maine, breaking down a HO railroad and moving to a new location to the Sea Shore Trolly museum.
  • Current Projects
    HO custom built score board.
    Building "Field of Dreams" scoreboard sign for a client's HO railroad.
  • Current Projects
    Moving a S-scale railroad.
    Were on location in New Jersey, breaking down a American Flyer railroad and moving to a new location.
  • Current Projects
    Rebuild a 4'x8' Lionel layout.
    We are completely rebuilding this classic Lionel railroad, including adding new side frames and legs.
  • Current Projects
    Maintenance on a HO model railroad.
    Cleaned and troubleshoot electrical shorts on a large model railroad in Princton MA.
  • Current Projects
    HO roundhouse lighting
    Installing lighting in the 6 stall HO roundhouse.
  • Current Projects
    Building Phase#2 HO railroad.
    Adding fascia to a 14'x30' HO model railroad.
  • Current Projects
    Finished a N-scale custom table.
    Delivered Andrew's 3'x5' N-scale railroad.
  • Current Projects
    Delivered John's N-scale railroad.
    Delivered John's N-scale 9'x11' model railroad.
  • Current Projects
    Add-on O-scale MTH railroad.
    We're on location in MA adding benchwork frames to add-on O-scale MTH railroad.

Current Projects

Last updated June 21, 2022
Finally we are back to work after the COVID-19 pause, and are busy working on the railroads!

We have several projects ongoing, both in our shop and site. All projects on this page have been completed or worked on within the past few weeks from the posted date. We update these photos frequently, so feel free to browse often.

Working on the railroads video