We can include a variety of custom projects!

Below is a photo gallery of our custom model railroad projects showcasing the special features which can be included in your model railroad. The slideshows give you a great overview of the types projects we do for you. The areas below showcase the diversity of our work, past and present.
Catenary Projects
European or American Prototypes
We can setup working catenary for your railroad!
Railroad Signaling
Signals can have full prototypical operation:
  • Prototypical ABS operation
  • Prototypical bidirectional operation on each track
  • Prototypical operation all all junctions and interlockings
  • Prototypical APB operation between control points
  • Prototypical approach lighting option
Kit built or custom made
We can build model railroad structures for you in any scale!
Control Panels
Custom made panels
We can build you custom cabinets, control consoles and LED indication panels for your railroad!
Scenery and Details
Kit built or custom made
We can build you model railroad structures in any scale!
Painting & Weathering
Brass Engines & Detailing
We can custom paint your brass locomotives or weather your freight cars!
Fascia and Skirting
We can add these to your existing railroad
Custom backdrops, fascia and skirting
Small Railroad Projects
Add on to your railroad
  • Wiring
  • Modules
  • Turntables
  • Phase #1 Layouts
  • Layout extensions