We build a variety of HO Scale railroads!

Below is a photo gallery of some our HO scale railroads, which gives you an great overview of the types of railroads we build. The railroads are designed to be a reflection of the desires and tastes of the owners, in their particular situations, be it business or private homes.
Tabletop Railroad
Layout size 7' x 10'
This client wanted a small fun layout for him and his son to operate! Features 2 levels with a T-shaped backdrop.
Conway Scenic Railroad
Layout size 5' x 11'
This client wanted a small layout of the North Conway railroad!
Milwaukee Road
Layout size 10' x 35'
This client wanted the Milwaukee Railroad featuring the beer factories!
New Haven Railroad
Layout size 18' x 36'
This client wanted a multi-level layout to entertain his clients, features double track continuous loops with 22' yards and custom made AAA turntable, NH style catenary and signals!
Rutland Railroad
Layout size 14' x 16'
This client wanted a model of the Rutland Railroad in Vermont, features custom structures and hidden staging tracks.
Santa Fe & Union Pacific Railroad
Layout size 17' x 20'
This client wanted a model of the Santa Fe & Union Pacific Railroad.
Wisconsin Central Railroad
Layout size 13' x 29'
This client wanted a fun layout for his grandkids, with a Faller car system automation in the city. The layout also features famous mountain scenes. This railroad is computerized for a 6 train operation!
Virginia & Truckee Railroad
Layout size 9' x 22'
This client wanted a model of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in the Sierra Mountains. This railroad is computerized for a 5 train operation!
A Marklin Railroad
Layout size 10' x 16'
This client wanted a Marklin railroad with working catenary. This railroad is computerized for 5 train operation!
Canon Display Railroad
Layout size 11' x 11' round
This client wanted a display for people to take photos with Canon cameras, features complete computer controlled trains and operating accessories!